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September 3, 2008

Featured review – Peter Woolstenstcroft on Harper’s Team

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Elections leading to change often produce many books, but the 2006 Cana-
dian federal election was exceptional. To date, eight books have been pub-
lished accounting in some measure for the Conservative party’s accession to
government, albeit with a minority. Tom Flanagan’s book is uncommonly in-
teresting in that he writes as both a central insider and a leading political sci-
entist. Flanagan, on the one hand, references Edmund Burke, Aristotle,
Friedrich Hayek, the “median voter theorem,”and academic election studies;
on the other, he discusses the highs and lows of campaigns, the panoply of
events, people and committees, and the mundane (how many buses does a
party need to campaign in the prairies?).

Read the article…


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